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So what is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media sites and Social Networking is growing exponentially every day. If you are not currently involved in that conversation we can help you “Get Connected.” Facebook®, LinkedIn®, Google+ and Twitter® are the largest and most commonly known social media sites. We streamline the process and can provide the necessary guidance to enhance the overall effectiveness of “joining the conversation.”

Along with the top 3, there are hundreds of social networking sites that are industry specific. During the process of getting you The last missing link to completing a social networking experience is having a blog. Blogs are read everyday and allow you to express in greater detail the message you are trying to convey. White papers, training videos, powerpoint presentations, etc… are different forms of media that you can upload to your blog and have your readers comment on them. This allows your company to get the real opinion of how your customers feel.

Brand Exposure and Engagement

Making sure that your brand receives the proper exposure is important to your company. There are many social networking sites out there where you and your brand can receive the proper exposure as well as engage with your customers and potential customers. The following sites are the best known for brand exposure and engagement.

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Road Map to Social Media

Like anything in business, having a plan is vital to executing properly and obtaining results. At COSO Media our process is to help you design that plan. We call it the Road Map to Social Media. This plan will lay out all the particulars to your social media efforts, how it ties into your current marketing plan and where you best time is spent to engage with your target audience.

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