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What is Intuitive?

Intuitive is a safe and secure solution that makes your company more productive. We take remote support to the next level by monitoring your computer for warning signs. By doing this we can catch the problem before it happens. We will only have access to what you allow us to have access to. We worry about the back end of your computer and it being able to function rather than what you have on your computer, that’s your business not ours.

Benefits of Intuitive

Having Intuitive will allow us to notify you if we see a problem as well as being able to fix it without interrupting your work day. We can also schedule and install updates on your computer without it interfering with your work day. We will be able to view, diagnose, and resolve technical issues on your computer within a moment of it happening.

Intuitive Includes:

Remote Control – Ability to gain remote access to user computers and servers to perform routine maintenance and on demand troubleshooting tasks.

Diagnostic Tools – Ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues by receiving computer status state and health information without the need to maintain consistent control and interrupt daily tasks. This includes CPU Memory Load, Top Processes, Latest Events, Recent Access and more.

Windows Updates – Ability to Schedule Windows Updates for computers and servers to keep systems up to date and secure.
Uninterrupted Monitoring- In-depth monitoring with automated alerts that includes CPU usage, memory utilization, online/offline status for servers, hardware/software changes to increase effectiveness of repair.

Background Login – Maintain productivity and avoid interruption.

Computer Login – Track and maintain hardware and software inventory information. This allows scheduling maintenance and bring systems into compliance.

Advanced Reporting and Analysis – Data aggregation, graphical charting and reporting assists in making future IT-Management decisions on hardware and software.