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What is Managed IT?

Our Managed IT service is an outsourced IT service that monitors your network 24/7. We perform crucial preventive maintenance in order to keep your company connected, secure and running properly at all times.

Companies that do not have managed IT run the risk of losing valuable business information, resources being idle while problems are solved, which ultimately results in lost revenue. In addition, the cost to fix those systems and restore lost data is much higher than if those systems were properly backed up and managed from the start. We offer hard drive backup and data recovery as a loss prevention means for your computer systems.

Along with Managed IT, we will ensure that your Windows and Anti-Virus software are updated and that your systems are secure. Managed Services will be constantly monitoring your computer systems to prevent: outages, downtime, and other unforeseen technical problems before they interrupt your productivity. Managed IT includes our remote technical support and on-site support to ensure a fast response time for emergency issues that occur.