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Accessibility and Usability

When building websites, there are standards that need to be adhered to. At COSO Media we make sure that accessibility and usability best practices are built right into your site. Not only does it make your site easy to use for all of your visitors, but it also lets your visitor know that you care.


When thinking about accessibility and websites, most people associate that with those with disabilities. Making sure that your website is made functional for those individuals is important, but it is only part of accessibility with websites. Consider the following regarding accessibility:

Does your website display correctly in all browsers, not just one?
Does your website display information to those who have accessibility options turned on?
Does your website take into consideration the standards that should be put in place?
Is your website visible to search engines?


Usability deals with the intuitiveness of your website. Your visitors should not have to “figure out” how to use you site. We always make sure that your visitors can easily find out about your products and services. When building your site we take the following usability best practices into account:

Is the navigation intuitive?
Do your visitors expect to be able to interact with certain elements of you website?
Does your website feel inviting to look around?
Does your website provide relevant content?