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Why Print Design?

We have arrived in the year in which print and web design are starting to work together. Although people are always attached to either their computer or their smart phones, it is not enough to grow a business strictly online. A piece of printed material holds more attention than any digital ad. Why? Because anything online people process faster since they can, so it is different when they are physically holding something. They won’t have as many distractions and will actually spend more time looking at it.

It is also easier to grab someone’s attention with print material. You still have to make it look different than everything else available, but it doesn’t need to: blink, flash, or pop-up in order for it to catch your eye.

The opportunities with print are endless, and they are still appreciated. Whether it is at a networking event, trade show, client meeting, seminar, or sales call having something to give them will be a huge benefit.