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Web Hosting

Your website is an important asset to your business. Many times it is your customers first impression of you. One thing you don’t want is for your customers to make it to your site and it is either slow, doesn’t load pictures or just doesn’t work. Starting as low $5 a month we can offer premium hosting that fits your business needs. Our plans range from simple hosting of a small website or blog to corporate class websites with database integration. We can handle it all! All of our plans include the following;

24/7 FTP Access
Daily Backups
Free Setup
Google Webmaster Tools
Free Facebook, Bing, Yahoo and Google Ad Credits
Choice of Linux or Windows Hosting

Domain Names

Having equity built into the right domain name is very important for your brand and business. We can help you determine what domains are important for you to own for many reasons. Have you ever considered the following?

Marketing Material Analytics

Having a domain name setup for your print materials will help you determine the effectiveness of your offline marketing objectives. This will allow you to have fun with your brand and let your customers engage and experience you in all new ways! We can then setup your web analytics account to track this domain so that you know how many visitors found your site from your printed brochures.

Brand Security

What is the best way to eliminate your competitors from setting up a website that has a domain name very similar to yours?

Create brand security by owning as many domain names related to your brand, products or services as possible. This will eliminate copy cats, imitators and misrepresentations of your products and services to be easily associated with your brand.

Buying Domain Names

There are several different websites you can go to in order to buy your domain names these days. We want to make sure we take of our customers so we have become an authorized reseller of domain names. Make sure you fill out the contact us form to the left and an associate will contact you to help you order your domain names at an affordable price!

Email Hosting

Having an email address is nothing new these days. When you have a custom domain for your email address, that email needs to be hosted somewhere. Hosting it yourself on your own sever can be costly and frustrating. Let us help you out!

Web Mail

Our web mail services let your stay in touch all the time. With a web based login and POP3 access you can easily get your email form anywhere. Starting as low as $2.50 a month we can host your web mail accounts with the following features:

Mobile Access with ActiveSync
Spam Filtering
Desktop Notifications
POP3 Access
Easy Scalability

Hosted Exchange

Our hosted exchange can bring you the power of corporate class email at an affordable price. With our hosted exchange you can access your email anywhere, anytime. Starting as low as $8.50 a month we can hosted your exchange email accounts with the following features:

Mobile Access
Spam Filtering
Free License of Microsoft Outlook or Entourage with every account
OWA Access
Free Security Updates, Patches and Server Monitoring