Progressive Foam Technologies- Partner Portal

Our team created a partner portal for Progressive Foam Technologies’ contractors and distributors to log in and register warranties and learn to market their products. We developed¬†educational training sections where Progressive Foam Technologies¬†can go in and create training courses for contractors and distributors to learn valuable marketing tips by engaging with readings, videos, and quizzes. Contractors and distributors answer a set of questions to move onto the next unit to finish the full course.

Inside the partner portal, we also created a Rewards Center. Contractors and distributors gain rewards for registering warranties for Progressive Foam Technologies’ products and they can cash in their rewards for company merchandise. Along with the Reward Center, there is also a Reporting Center where contractors and distributors can view their own personal growth through comprehensive reports.

We also implemented a popular forum for marketing products that users can ask and answer questions about Progressive Foam Technologies’ products and share the best marketing techniques with one another. This reporting feature is also critical to Progressive Foam Technologies because they can easily access the registered warranties and view the progress of their contractors and distributors. All of these features can be accessed by logging into the partner portal through their website or the app COSO Media developed for mobile use.

Project Features

App Development
Custom Portal
Custom Reporting
Form Builder
HubSpot Integration
Quiz Creation
Responsive Design
Rewards Center
Training Courses