it's more than just a website

There are over 1 BILLION, that's right 1 BILLION websites published on the internet. How do you make sure that your target audience finds you? That's like finding a needle in a haystack. In order to be found, it's more than just a website. Delivering high quality and relevant content to your visitors that can help your site stand out amongst the crowd.

Search Engine Optimization Analysis and Report

Knowing where the current state of your website and how it ranks in the search engines is always the best place to start when getting ready to take on a Search Engine Optimization campaign. Our in-depth report analyzes the current state of your website and your online competition to determine what we need to do to effectively optimize your website. Inside of your report you will find the following information:

• Current SEO Analysis which includes: SEO Factors, Online Variables, Code Specific Variables and Competition Rankings
• Keyword Analysis which includes: Keyword Competition, Current Rankings, Competitor Rankings and URL Rankings
• Link Popularity and Backlink Analysis which includes your website as well as your competitors
• Search Engine Optimization Rankings to begin the campaign



Having good compelling content is a great way to rank in the search engines. Making sure that you have the content that is relevant to your target audience will also build a good reputation for your site. A combination of your message, good reputation, and keyword density will make your site be visible to the search engines and improve your rankings.


We all know that there are certain keywords and phrases that everyone chooses to use in the search engines. Based on your business you too will have your own set of keywords that people will be searching to find your website. At COSO Media we know help you determine your keywords based on research of the market, internet, and your competition.


Link Building

Think of link building as someone telling their friends, family, and colleagues all the amazing things about your products and/or services. You want to have “positive” and “reputable” websites linking to your page. We have many techniques that can help you accomplish that through our SEO plans.

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