How to Stay Protected on Social Media Sites and Online | COSO MediaIn light of the LinkedIn security breach, this post will focus on ways to protect your company page on social media sites and the internet. You wouldn’t play a full on football game without putting all of the protective gear on first,would you? This is the same mindset you should have when entering the social media world.


-Don’t authorize applications or games that you don’t recognize

Be cautious when deciding which applications to enable and what information that application is able to access. Only allow applications that you know and trust.


-Don’t give out your password

This is a no-brainer! When creating your password make sure that it cannot easily be guessed. Using a combination of eight letters, numbers, symbols and uppercase letters is helpful. Another thing to keep in mind is using different passwords for all your online accounts, so if one is stolen it won’t affect all of your sites. It is also a good habit to change your passwords every few months.


Be wary of where you enter your password information; hackers have been able to duplicate the look of a website’s login page to gain access to your username and password. If you aren’t sure, enter the URL (ex: into the browser’s address bar. Facebook will never ask you to input your password expect to login.


-Do evaluate your settings

Take advantage of the privacy settings. You can control who can post on your page, who the administrators are, and even restrict access to certain people. All of these will help you control your page content as well as protecting yourself.


-Do use and update security software

This includes anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall. Anti-virus software will recognize almost all known viruses and remove them from your computer before doing any damage. It  is important to keep your software up-to-date because attackers are constantly coming up with new viruses.


Not every company is fortunate enough to have an entire staff of security geeks protecting them, but with these tips your company will be safer online.