social media with a purposeHave you been posting, tweeting, and pinning without any rhyme or reason? This is one of the worst things you can do to your social identity. If it sounds like a 10 year old hacked your account, you are not sure of your goals for social, or you are not sure who is in charge of your social accounts—it’s time to re-gain focus of your social strategy.

It is okay if you are not quite the social media guru you want to be. There are things you can do to take the reins of your social media strategy to help you be more organized. Things change quickly and do not always go according to plan, but having an underlying structure always makes things run more smoothly. Just follow the MAPS system and you will not get lost in the social media chaos.


Everyone can get a little carried away with social media sometimes, may it be for personal or professional use. You need to figure out a set budget of time or money that you want to spend doing social media a month. This will give you parameters to work in and figure out what is plausible and what is not. Know what content you have and what valuable things you can provide for your audience.


What are the results of your current efforts? What are you doing well, and what could be better? Is there more you could be doing to integrate your company with social media? How can you see a return on investment through social media to drive quality leads? What are some road blocks you ran into while trying to meet your goals and how can you fix them? All of these are things you should be looking into when looking at your analytics. Keep your followers in mind at all times, and ways you can better reach them.


The main question you need to ask yourself in any situation is: “What are your main goals and objectives” ? If you do not know the answer to this then sit down with your team and strategize what you hope to gain out of your social strategy. Start with one or two small goals, and then slowly grow to having bigger goals, and mini goals you need to accomplish to get there. While planning out these goals keep in mind what your audience responds to, what resources you have available, and if it is appropriate for your industry and company size.


Who will be in charge of your social media accounts? What will they be posting? What schedule of content is in place? What is the right balance between company news, industry news, and just fun things your followers will enjoy? How will you differentiate yourself and do better than your competitors? How will you stay engaged with your followers and give them a reason to interact with you? How will you continue to keep your company connected through social?

I know these are a lot of questions to answer and it can be confusing sometimes to have a solid social strategy. The main thing it comes down to is having a purpose. You can walk around in circles and get lost all you want, but when you have a MAPS system and a destination things run more smoothly.


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