9 Things to Know About Websites | COSO MediaThink about the main purposes of your website– to promote your brand,attract customers ,and gain leads. In order to do so, you need to check your website to make sure it properly serves these goals. There are many ways to accomplish these goals, but there are basic do’s and don’ts you can follow.


Make Product Information Detailed– People want to see what you do and what you sell, end of story. Your website is a great place to showcase what you do in an organized and detailed way.

• Make Landing Pages and Offers– Visitors are seeking out ways in which they can do their jobs more effectively. Therefore, by offering white papers, technical articles, application notes, webinars, and other valuable content you can be a valuable source to them. Utilize these offers on landing pages and capture information from them to help generate new leads.

• Utilize Search Engine Optimization– Every website can benefit from good SEO techniques. The more qualified traffic that you receive to your site, the better your chances are a new lead.

• Have Consistent Page Designs– All of the interior pages of your website should have a consistent look. The exception to this rule would be your blog,it is okay for that to look different. The navigation bar should be easy to find at the top or side of every page.

• Relevant Contact Forms– One of your primary goals is to capture leads, so make sure you set up a way to do so! Make sure you make forms for people to fill out to get certain offers or to sign up for your mailing list. You can customize these as much as you would like, but make sure you always include: Name, phone number, and email.



•Have Flash Intro Pages– Is this really the first thing you want people to see? Half the time it doesn’t load properly, and the other half of the time people get annoyed with them popping up.

•Have Lengthy Registration Forms– Okay, in reference to the relevant contact forms above, you have to make sure they aren’t tedious. Lengthy forms with several required fields have a higher drop off rate and then you won’t accomplish your goal.

•Have Out-of-date Content– No one likes things that aren’t up to date. This could damage your reputation and raise concerns among your customers as well as your prospects.

•Have Bad Writing– Spelling errors, confusing and wordy writing will leave your visitors running for the hills. Even if you have to convey technical details, write as if you are talking to an eight grader and leave the confusing jargon behind.

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