How to Have a Winning Landing Page | COSO MediaThe right landing page may be the key secret ingredient in getting more visitors to convert into qualified leads. You want your landing page to be well written and professional looking to keep your visitors satisfied and coming back. If you don’t give people a reason to stay after clicking on a landing page, then they aren’t going to. Here are some tips in giving them a reason to stay.

 1. K.I.S.S.- Keep it simple, stupid

The main purpose of a landing page is to have visitors focus on one thing, so the last thing you want to do is distract or confuse them. Remove all irrelevant information from the landing page and link out to other pages through your navigation if you must. Your main focus of this page should be on what you want your visitors to focus on and nothing else.

 2. Re-write your headline again and again

This is the first thing that your visitors see, so make it a good one! Write and re-write your headline until you think it sums up your page the best while still catching attention. Challenge yourself to make it as short and catchy as possible.

 3. Follow the 3 b’s of copywriting

The 3 b’s being: brevity, benefits, and bullets. Not many people have the time or patients to read large blocks of text on your landing page. Focus on one single relevant offer and you won’t have to worry about a bunch of text anyway. Just touch on the benefits of the offer and why someone should take advantage of it, and leave out all the rest.

4. Present your call-to-action several ways

Ultimately you want your visitors to click on your call to action, right? Well why not offer it several ways and places on the page using text and buttons? Some people like text others like buttons, so suit the wants of both to grow your potential visitors. Use action words like: download, register, view, access, and subscribe to help your call to action.

5. Match ads with specific landing pages

This should be a no brain-er, but some companies still mess this up because they aren’t focusing on one offer. Make sure that the ad and the landing page resemble each other so people know they are in the right place. Use the same images or colors to convey one specific message.

6. Limit Form Fields 

If you are requiring visitors to fill out a form in order to receive something, which you should, limit the fields. Do you really need their birthday, security questions, or for them to create a user name and password? Their are other ways to track them and start a relationship with them other then annoying them with too many fields. Always require their name and email so you can send them their offer, then include other things relevant to the offer.

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