When creating a marketing plan, it can be difficult to decide which ad you want your customers to see. There’s no easy way of telling which one will speak to people more or encourage the to convert… or is there? With A/B Split Testing, you can easily test several or just two different ads to see which will encourage more engagement and conversions.

Essentially, when A/B testing a post or an ad, 50% of your visitors see one design and 50% see the other and the metrics are tracked. If the first design converts 27% of users and the second only converts 13%, you’ll want to use the first post going forward. Sometimes, the platforms that allow you to A/B test even automatically calculate this for you and stop running the worse ad.

A/B Testing is obviously very helpful, but many businesses aren’t sure what it is or how to use it. This means the ROI of your ads or your website could be much higher than it currently is, but you won’t know until you change the designs and take a chance.

Split testing is not only limited to marketing platforms; you can also split test elements of your website. Which hero image will get the most attention? Should your spread include videos? How big should your logo be? A/B Testing can help answer all of these questions and more in a super simple way.

Whether you regularly run ads or create posts, A/B Testing is very important and can help optimize all the work you do for the best results. Taking advantage of a great feature like revolutionize your marketing plan and possibly your whole business model.

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