Do You Have a Brand Strategy?

Marketing has many forms. There’s the older gentleman down the street renting out a spot in the newspaper to market his dry cleaning shop. Then, there’s the company tracking your every move from their website to their Facebook page to their website again, and then sending you an email the next day saying “we miss…

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Hire a Web Host

Why You Should Hire Someone to Host Your Website

We’ve spoken time and time again about how busy small business owners are… and we’re about to again. In addition to being some of the busiest people around, not many small business owners are very tech-savvy unless their business is tech-related. Keeping both of these factors in mind, it can be very beneficial to hire…

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5 Best Content Marketing Tips

As content marketing continues to explode into the world of traditional marketing, small business owners and marketers are forced to become familiar with the idea. This is actually great, since content marketing is one of the best ways to market to specifically your target audiences by solving a problem. Creating relevant content to display on…

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What is A/B Split Testing?

When creating a marketing plan, it can be difficult to decide which ad you want your customers to see. There’s no easy way of telling which one will speak to people more or encourage the to convert… or is there? With A/B Split Testing, you can easily test several or just two different ads to…

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Video Marketing Feature Image

Using Video Marketing Effectively

Small business marketing is difficult enough when it comes to building a website, posting to social media, or remembering to take photos at an event. This becomes even more difficult when you start realizing that you need to be producing content for your brand; visual, written, and everything in between. While pictures are easy enough…

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Review Management Image

How to Receive More Online Reviews

When researching a new place to go for lunch or the best place to buy a new coffee mug, do you usually read the reviews first? 92% of consumers now read online reviews regularly and 68% of those consumers say positive reviews make them trust a local business more. Obviously, this means that your small…

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Featured Image - Landing Pages

Creating Landing Pages for Your Campaign is Worth It

As you’re scrolling through your Facebook page, you see sponsored content everywhere: in the feed, on the side, and maybe some unpaid promotions in the regular posts from your favorite brands. When you click on this content, where does it take you? The more experienced and professional brands will bring you to a landing page,…

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The Advantages of Link Building

Search Engine Optimization is definitely a buzzword in marketing right now, prompting many businesses to hire outside agencies to maintain their SEO for them. This is great, as agencies have the time and resources to keep up with the latest trends, but wouldn’t you like to know what they’re doing? You may be paying them…

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Negative Reviews: How to Handle Them Like a Professional

You’ve had a local small business forever, known for offering great products and great customer service. As the digital age grows, it’s exciting to see the opportunities this has for your business and spreading the word about it. As your website, Google listings, and Facebook page grow, reviews start coming in showcasing how great your…

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Building Your Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s likely that your business has a website, a Facebook page, and maybe some other social media platforms. Your website gets updated when you release a new product, change your hours, or you hire someone new and your social media is updated weekly… that’s enough, right? Not even close. All of these moving parts of…

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