Hire a Web Host

We’ve spoken time and time again about how busy small business owners are… and we’re about to again. In addition to being some of the busiest people around, not many small business owners are very tech-savvy unless their business is tech-related. Keeping both of these factors in mind, it can be very beneficial to hire an outside agency to host and manage your website. From the domain name to adding new content, having an expert to do these things for you makes it easier to keep up with.

Keep Things Running

Is your domain name an established part of your brand? Something you can’t afford to lose? Better be extremely careful with it then. The renewal notices could start filtering into your spam folder at any time, leaving you without a domain name for your website. A web company to host your site is a safe way to guarantee you won’t lose your domain and your brand will be safe.

Updates, Updates, Updates

Third party Client Management Systems (or CMS) need regular updates and revisions. These need to be regularly taken care of and not everyone can do these updates efficiently so having someone on the outside that does them regularly would be easier.

Backup Your Site

Daily backups of your website are important to keeping your business online. If the site crashes and there’s no one that knows how to save it or has careful, daily backups of it, you’ll be forced to start from scratch.


Speed It Up

When your website takes too long to load, you face the possibility of visitors immediately leaving. An outside host can track this and go in to make corrections and fix site speed, but you may not always have the time or knowledge to do so.

Overall, hiring an outside website host is usually the best decision for maintaining your website. As soon as you hire an outside agency to host your website(s), you’re bound to see a difference in site speed, updates, etc.Contact COSO Mediatoday about hosting your website and more!