Marketing has many forms. There’s the older gentleman down the street renting out a spot in the newspaper to market his dry cleaning shop. Then, there’s the company tracking your every move from their website to their Facebook page to their website again, and then sending you an email the next day saying “we miss you!”. No matter what the tactic is, there’s a strategy behind it… usually. The man with he dry cleaning shop knows a lot of his clients read the newspaper. The online company knows that we all check our emails constantly. But what’s your business’ marketing strategy?

Your strategy starts with your brand, but what exactly is your brand? Instead of just focusing on your logo, product, or website, focus on the feeling or vibe your brand has. We all know that big brands have a much different attitude and atmosphere than most small businesses. Their marketing tactics, their sales, and the verbiage related to their promotions all has a uniform attitude. This attitude and perspective is your brand strategy. The actual marketing: the newspaper ads, the tracking, the emails, are the tactics used to accomplish this strategy.

Creating a brand strategy depends heavily on your target audience. Finding the appropriate attitude, sense of humor, and content for your brand is crucial. This strategy should work to accomplish your business’ purpose, both functional and intentional.

Every marketing effort your company makes should serve your purpose. It should have a direct tie to what you are trying to accomplish overall and not just being posted or released to release content. Following strategy means constantly doing your best to serve your brand.

If you still aren’t sure if your brand has an established strategy that you’re following or if you aren’t sure where to start, contact us todayfor a consultation.