Why Isn’t My Page Ranking Yet? | COSO MediaThe only thing that comes to mind when thinking of this question is the famous question of “are we there yet?”  In several ways these two questions are very much alike. You can have several answers to both ranging from: “no” to “not quite” or “almost” all the way to “yes”. Of course we all like to hear yes, but a vast majority of the time is the answer of not quite. So why is the answer usually not quite? Well, that’s because Search Engine Optimization doesn’t work it’s magic over night.

Just like a long car trip, an SEO campaign has bumps and road detours on the way to the final destination. Since these things are often unexpected, it is hard to calculate exactly when you will be where you want to be. There are a few road signs to keep in mind during the trip to SEO success.

SEO Doesn’t Revolve Around One Keyword. I know this is hard to grasp, but the sooner you do, the better. You can’t focus your campaign around ranking for just one keyword, you need to have several keywords. Think of it this way, if people search for “industrial steel” or “industrial steel manufacturer” and you’re only trying to rank for “steel” then have the possibility people will bypass your site entirely. You want to go after several keywords, that way you have more than one way for people to find your site. The most important thing to keep in mind is they need to be keywords that describe what your company does. For example you wouldn’t want to be ranking for “Computer Electronics” if you sell “Dentist Approved Mouthwash.”

SEO Takes Time. You can’t only look as far as your headlights will let you, but you have to look at the entire road ahead. If you look and monitor your keyword rankings every day or even every week, then you will drive yourself nuts! Keyword rankings change on a daily basis, but looking that closely at them won’t do you and your company any good. It is best to compare one month to the previous month to see how search habits have changed. This is a much better way of monitoring your progress to see if you are still headed in the right direction. If after several months you haven’t made the progress you would have liked to, then feel free to change the course of your path. You can either change the keywords you are targeting or try to change the page that is ranking for that certain keyword.

Think Realistically. You can’t always be number one, let’s face it. You won’t always be the Ferrari out on the road to SEO success. The good news is, you don’t have to be ranking number one, you just have to be on the first page. Your company may not have the resources it takes to beat out certain online competitors, but don’t let that swerve you off into a ditch. Your company will still be able to be successful within it’s means, just be realistic about your goals.

It is very possible to reach your end destination in your SEO campaign. Beware of the other cars on the road and the road signs. Embrace the bumps along the way and please, please don’t keep asking “are we there yet”.

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