Advertisements for the Super Bowl the past year should be proof enough about how important brand presence is on social platforms. Well, if you are going to learn something then you should learn from the best, right? Here are some of the things that brands are getting right, and some key takeaways from their social presence.



Nike (Instagram) 

Nike is doing a phenomenal job at interacting with their followers through the use of hashtags and user generated content. They post pictures that their followers submit with hashtags such as: #makeitcount, #riseabove, and other popular sayings. Nike’s Jordan brand even went to the point of creating a campaign around #RiseAbove and is show casing these hashtagged pictures on their website. They have even committed a section of their homepage to Nike Community to showcase all of the things they are doing on social platforms.

Key takeaway: Engage and showcase your followers that are interacting with your brand.


Oreo (Twitter)

I’m sure plenty of you have already seen or heard of how Oreo’s took the cake in Super Bowl ads, or in this case cookie. The reason why this was so shocking was because of their response time to the black out during the Super Bowl as well as their execution. Sure, other brands took advantage of the black out, but none of them were as well thought out as Oreo’s. The reason being they had 360i handling things during the Super Bowl; since the brand team was already there it was easy to create the ad and get approval quickly.

Key takeaway: Respond, and respond quickly. The early bird catches the worm, so coming up with good content quick and putting it up first will give you a huge advantage over everyone else.

Starbucks (Facebook)

Coca-Cola may be the leading brand to follow on Facebook, but Starbucks has been making some pretty notable moves. Starbucks is now letting you say “Happy Birthday” to one of your friends on Facebook by sending them a gift card. It works just like a gift card, but it’s an eGfit.

Key takeaway: Utilize Facebook to interact with customers and promote/sell.


Lowe’s (Pinterest)

Why would anyone follow a hardware store on Pinterest? Well the question should be why not?! They do an excellent job at posting everything from cool weekend projects to things for the holidays. They have their target market nailed, and that is evident in their 3 million plus followers! The reason why they can post so many things is because not everything is directly from them. They re-pin things that they think people who follow them will find relevant. They understand that they aren’t just selling their products, they are selling a better home setting.

Key takeaway: Post things that are relevant to your target market, even if you aren’t the original source.

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