How to Gain More Qualified Leads | COSO MediaOne more is never enough. Having more leads coming into your business is a good thing, as long as they are qualified leads. It doesn’t take long for a marketer to realize the difference between the quantity of leads compared to the quality. There are a several strategies that you can employ, but here are the four most important ones to look at.

Produce Relevant Content Just like you want a valued lead, your potential customers also want relevant information to them. Help them with this by releasing relevant information through online marketing, whitepaper, technical articles, blog posts, e-newsletters and online events. This importance of these are to build a foundation of trust with prospects so they are more willing to give you their contact information if they believe they will be getting something valuable in return.

Support Campaigns With Targeted Landing Pages Rather than sending everyone to just your webpage, create separate landing pages for each campaign offered. This may be more work on the front end, but in the long run you will be able to determine what they are interested in, and then you will be able to target them. Structuring it this way will also prevent people from being distracted from other things on your site. You also want to keep the information they fill out in the beginning simple, then have a follow up email trying to determine what services they are interested in.

Try a New Marketing Tactic In society today, not everything is always written on paper. Emails, enewsletters, downloads and social media sites are where the majority of people are. So if you aren’t there, then you are missing a huge opportunity. Online sources help you to access more people with a less amount of money. By placing your company on several social platforms, you ensure the highest number of possible leads since not everyone uses every form of social media.

Writing Articles No matter if it is online or offline, people find companies that have published works as being more reliable. Being published offline is more challenging, so creating a blog may be a more effective use of your time. Blogs are a great way to establish a relationship with leads and your company through comments and giving them an option to sign up for your newsletter.

Search Engine Optimization Campaign  SEO can help your company out in more ways than one. A little secret about SEO campaigns is if they are done the right way, your company will gain a lot more of qualified leads. How you ask? Well, it is based upon the key words you feature– you can target how and where your website will appear in search results. This is not referring to your website as a whole, but the individual pages on your site. Having your individual pages rank will help you figure out what customers are interested in the most, and they will not have to navigate around your entire site to find what they are looking for.

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