In a previous blog we talked about SEO being a process that helps to improve and promote websites to increase traffic the site receives from the search engines. We also told you it’s important because a vast majority of online visitors is generated by the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Now we’re sure you are still left asking: but how does it impact my business? 

It doesn’t matter how many people visit your site if there isn’t any new business to show from it. SEO targets what people are searching to drive “more qualified traffic” to your site, this way you increase your chances of more valuable opportunities and leads. Sure, ranking at the top of the page for the most amounts of searches is important, but not if they don’t pertain to what you actually do.

If your company sells car parts, you don’t want to be ranking high in the search engine for bike parts. Sure, more people will visit your site but they won’t buy anything. This is the main reason why SEO Strategies are important. You want to attract business, but it’s more important to attract the right business in order to stay in business.

For those more visual learners, here is a flow chart showing how SEO can ultimately lead to more profit for your business.

How Does Search Engine Optimization Impact My Business?

Search Engine Optimization Flow Chart

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