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Reusing content for your brand that boosts your products/services and is useful to your customers at the same time is extremely beneficial. Putting yourself into the mind of your customer to figure out what they like to see from you sounds difficult, but it’s as simple as looking at your analytics.

Every insight you have about your content is important for this. Look at your top pages on Google Analytics and where people were referred from; social media? Emails? Outside Sources? This will help you see the most successful content your brand has and will also help you find the best places to post it.

A few basic ideas for evergreen content for your business and brand is a good place to start. If you’re looking for ways to repurpose your content and always have it promoted to your customers, check out the ideas below:

  1. Repurpose the Evergreen Content

Well, obviously. Our point though is that you may already have evergreen content available at your fingertips that you haven’t thought about reusing. Any blog that talks about your products or services and how they benefit your customer is fair game. Take a look through your past posts and see which were the biggest hits- the links people have clicked on in the past are the best ones to post again. Posting evergreen content all the time means your customers see the same content regularly, which isn’t good, but a few well-scheduled posts of the same articles each month could really help grow your brand.

  1. Create the Next Piece

This is an essential part of content like eBooks. If one of your eBooks was wildly successful, it may be worth creating a second part or a whole series based around the topic. Create a blog post linking to a download for the eBook, or a landing page that prompts a download. Don’t be afraid of reusing your best content- it performed well for a reason.

  1. Make it Obvious

One of the most common ways tat even consumers reuse content is #ThrowbackThursday or #FlashbackFriday. Using these hashtags to repost content from your website is a good way to end up in these trends when consumers are looking through them. The only real requirement here is to make sure that your content is a true throwback: go back a few years, not a few months. Something like a picture of employees from a cookout is great content, but blogs and infographics that still have accurate facts can be interesting to share as well.

  1. Remake and Reuse

While just reposting the content can work, it’s even better if you can recreate the content to make it look brand new. If you had an extremely successful eBook, why not turn that content into an infographic? Did you have a viral tweet? Create a visual quote from it and post it on Facebook with a link to your site.

No matter what type of evergreen content you are creating, it is important to make sure it isn’t posted too frequently, is still relevant, and is based on a topic your customers really care about; don’t just reuse every blog post because you have them. Contact us today to start your newest marketing venture!

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