increase likability on facebookEven if you already have one million likes, there is always room for improvement to gain even more likes on your Facebook Page. There are several things that you can get in the process of doing that will continue to bring visitors and new likes to your page. The biggest challenge of gaining new likes is to first get people to your page, then they will be eating out of the palm of your hand.

How to get new people to your page:

Take Advantage of your website & blog. You don’t want people that visit your blog or website to not know you have a Facebook page. If they are frequently visiting your website and blog, then they probably want to stay informed about your business. What better way to do this than through liking your Facebook page? Make sure you have “like us on Facebook” buttons and provide a link that navigates them to your page to make it easier for them to like you.

Use your email marketing to Your Advantage. If you do not currently have a Facebook Call to Action in your emails you send out, then you should! This is a great opportunity that you are missing out on if you aren’t taking advantage of it. If you have it as a link in your emails, you can take this a step further when looking at your analytics. If you notice people are clicking on your Facebook page but not liking it, then you know you need to look at the content you are posting on your page.

Utilize Creative Marketing. Run promotions for new likes, a certain number of likes, only available if you like us on Facebook, etc. Create exclusive deals for people who like you on Facebook and promote to people who don’t currently like you, asking them to start. Do whatever your creative brain can come up with, there is no black and white way to promote your page through creative marketing; so get creative!

Place Facebook Ads. You can boost your followers with a minimal weekly or monthly ad budget. Facebook ads let you narrow in on your exact target market to advertise your page through location, demographics and interests. Facebook users can like your page directly from your ad shown on users’ timelines. It also displays their friends that have already liked you, which helps establish credibility.

Promote Across ALL Platforms. Yes, every social media site is it’s own separate entity (other than Instagram and Facebook), but that doesn’t mean they should run in total seclusion. They should all be integrated working together to promote your company. Link your Facebook posts to things you pinned on Pinterest, post your Instagram picture to Facebook,and connect your tweets to your Facebook wall. Whenever you can think to put a link to your Facebook page; do it! Just don’t get too crazy. Think first: does this make sense,then do it if it does.

Use Print Media. You’re paying for this, you might as well get your money spent. No matter what you are doing or using, you should always include the link and logo of the social media sites your business is on as well as a link to your website. This is the new form of including your business address and phone number; granted those should probably also be included, but those are much easier to find with technology today.

Share Your Page. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT take advantage of this feature. Share your Facebook page to your friends and family when you first create. Don’t keep sharing it until they like it– you will more than likely lose a few friends that way. Sharing your page within your circle is completely fine, just do not abuse this. After you do share it with your friends and you are looking to increase likes later on, share your page’s posts to get your friends to see your page. This is a more desecrate way to promote your page to people who might not have originally liked the page.

These are all ways on how to gain new likes on your Facebook page. Stay on the lookout for an upcoming blog post on what to do once they like you. If you want to stay up to date on our blog postings, like us on Facebook. <– Yes, we practice what we preach.

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