mitsubishi interactive leadsLately, car companies have really been stepping up their advertising A-Game! Mitsubishi is not the first company to get creative with their advertising, and I am sure they will not be the last. One of their web banner ads takes customer interaction to a whole new level.

The ad does not pop out on your screen or flash and catch your attention, but it does however have a specific call to action. This is the first thing you see when the ad is on your screen, asking you to click and drag an image into the box to finish the sentence.

mitsubishi ad 2Depending on what picture you place in the box, the sentence changes. The image shown here changed the sentence to: Redesigned to take on any terrains. After it completed the sentence a pop up appeared talking about how the car helped you do that.

Mitsubishi ad 3Mitsubishi created a new way to appeal to different people that would be interested in the new Outlander through their features and benefits. However with this ad, it is a little backwards because they talk about the feature after you chose which benefit is important to you.



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