Man of SteelThe new Man of Steel movie reached $128 million at the box office this past weekend, setting a new June record with the help of some strong marketing tactics. It has always been a struggle to estimate how big of a crowd a movie will bring in. Warner Bros. predicted only $75 to $80 million at the box office, which most movie critics thought was relatively low. Here are some things that Warner Bros. did right in creating the positive buzz for this DC Comic movie.

Different Versions of Trailers. Warner Bros. did an excellent job at creating interest for this movie through two teaser trailers, and six actual trailers. Usually people get tired of seeing the same trailer several times, or they have seen enough different trailers to know what the whole movie is about. With fast glimpses of scenes and strong marketing they were able to reach a great success at the box office on opening weekend.

man of steel on g+

Used Google+. Even though this social network has been relatively new during the time they were promoting the movie, they were not afraid to establish a strong brand following. They hosted a few Google hang outs, posted and interacted with followers regularly, and promoted their contests on other social platforms.

man of steel on facebookPromoted Across All Social Platforms. If you look at any one of their social sites: youtube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, even their website you can see how they share things through the platforms they are on. They have honed in on what content to place on which social site and simply cross promoted on their other sites, how brilliant! Sure, there was content that was repetitive, but they did an excellent job at talking up their other social sites as well as their promotional tie-ins.

Man of Steel PosterPartner of man of steelPartners.  Man of Steel has risen to be the most heavily promoted Warner Bros. film of the year bringing in $160 million in promotional support. Warby Parker, Dodge, Gillette, Walmart, Hershey’s Twizzlers, Chrysler, Sears Roebuck & Co., Army National Guard, Kellogg Co., Hardee’s, and Nokia have all paired up with Man of Steel promotions. These are just a few of the 100 partners that the movie teamed up with. Tom Meyer, president of the entertainment division of Marketing Arm stated: “(you) can achieve success when the marketing tie-ins are separate and distinct both in message and in target audience.”


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