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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual place to store and organize everything you like based on pictures.  Pinterest has over 10.4 million users, roughly 85% of them being females. Pinterest’s mission is: to connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting. This is a great way for people to share ideas, get inspiration, or explain what they are looking for. A vast majority of people are visual people, so why not reach out to them to show off your product/service?Pinterest: A Guide for Beginners | Home | COSO Media

Pinning 101

A pin is a graphic on Pinterest that can be added from a website or uploaded from a computer. No matter how many times a pin gets shared (or repinned) it is always linked back to the original source. Pinterest has a navigation bar at the top that allows you to quickly access pins you are interested in based on different categories. You are also able to select one of these categories that your boards can fall under; making it easier for people to search for you.

A board is where you are able to store all of your pins. You can name it based on how you want to categorize your pins. You can add as many boards as you like. You can also manage the settings to who is able to also pin things to your board.

You are able to follow people and boards. You can follow all, which mean you are following all of the boards on a person’s pinterest page, or you can simple just follow one of their boards. This means that their pins will appear on your “pinners you follow” page.

Profile and Account Settings

You are able to make a profile, upload a picture, make a bio, and change your username or email here. You want to display your company logo as the picture, write a bio about your company as well as make the username relevant or close to your company name.

Pinning and Repinning

You are able to pin something one of three ways: you can upload a pin, you can pin from a website url, or you can repin someone else’s pin. Be sure to keep your pins under the correct boards so they are easy to find or search later. You can repin based on the pins from people and boards you follow or by searching around Pinterest.

Pinterest: A Guide for Beginners | Search | COSO Media


In the search bar you are able to search for people or companies to see if they have a Pinterest. You are also able to search based on a topic, board or pin name.

Pinterest: A Guide for Beginners | COSO Media | Recent activityRecent Activity 

This is part of your newsfeed on Pinterest. It tells you what pins of yours that people repinned, commented on, or liked. It also shows your followers.

Pin Etiquette

Here are some things to keep in mind to keep Pinterest a positive website and to ensure that the pins are useful to other people.

•Be Respectful

•Be Authentic

•Credit Your Source

•Report Objectionable Content

•Tell Pinterest How They Can Improve


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