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What is Twitter?

Twitter is an easy and quick way to see what people are doing and saying. This is a way to share what is going on with your company, or post links to blogs and new products. Twitter is a great way to connect to people and see what they are saying about your company. To the untrained eye Twitter may seem like a place where people gather and talk in code. What does “tweeting”, “#”, “@” and “following” even mean? Here is a quick inside to the twitter dictionary:

Twitter: A Guide for Beginners | COSO Media | Dictionary


Under the account section you are able to change your username. This is what appears in the URL and how other people can tag you. You are also able to determine where your notifications will be emailed. You can customize what language and time zone is displayed. You can identify your tweet location, media, and privacy. Lastly, you can personalize your twitter based on your recent website visits. This will suggest who to follow based on what you search on the web.



Under this section you are able to change your password. A good habit to get into is changing your password once every few months for security purposes.



Here is where you can enter a cell phone number that you want your tweets to be sent to. This is a good way to stay on top of your tweets and the people you follow. This is also an easier way to tweet while at a trade show or conference to tell your followers what your company is doing.


Twitter: A Guide for Beginners | COSO Media | Define

This is where you can control how and when you are notified of something happening on Twitter. You can be contacted via email when you receive messages, activity, or updates.



In this section you can upload a picture, and a good suggestion is to make this your company logo to make it easier for people to find you. You can enter your company name and a link to your website. Twitter also allows you to write a short bio about your company.

Twitter: A Guide for Beginners | COSO Media | Design


The design section enables you to customize your Twitter page to resemble your company. You can choose from pre-made backgrounds,or be adventurous enough to make your own. You can upload a picture, change the background color and even change the links color.


Did you know that you can give applications access to your Twitter account? Here you can control which apps are allowed to access your account and what they are able to access.


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