Reasons Why You Should Use Pictures | COSO Media

Everyone says a picture is worth a thousand words, well they are right! Specially when tweetsare only 140 characters and Instagram and Pinterest are rising among popularity.  Not only are pictures a quicker way to get a point across, people respond better to pictures. There are four main reasons why pictures are more likely to go viral than a few thoughtful words.

1. It’s personable

For years people have been using recognition with a brand or company, not a person. With how social the world is today, that is not necessarily the case. The people that are following you want a special connection with your company, so give them one. Post pictures of your clients, workers, and even things you find special because chances are your customers will too. It gives your page a more personal touch, so people don’t feel as if they are connecting with a robot.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing

People like pictures that are different from the ordinary picture. This is why Instagram is so popular because you can make a simple picture more interesting with a few filters.

3. Quick and easy

Writing something takes thought and time, but taking a picture doesn’t. With technology today, you can take a picture and post it within seconds.  It is also faster for your followers to look at a picture you posted than to read something.

4. You’re in the moment

There is something different between writing a status or checking into Foursquare saying you are somewhere than taking a picture and showing you are. People crave to get a behind the scenes look, and it is more effective to take a picture and show them than it is to tell them.

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