Reasons Why Your B2B Social Media Plan Could Be Better | B2B Connect | COSO MediaIt is easier with B2C companies to reach out and connect with people, but more often than not B2B business sometimes struggle with making the connection. Email marketing has been around for years, and its still something you need to spend time on. This is no different when it comes to social media, you need to have a game plan.  When creating that plan, keep these things in mind.

1. Content, Content, Content!

Not too long ago marketers had parameters to work within when dealing with marketing efforts, but online the opportunities are endless! Instead of space constraints, there is now problems with attention span. In order to break through this road block, marketers need more content than before. People want more and more content, specially in the B2B world.

2. No focus on lead generation

Stop focusing all on the number of followers or likes you have. Instead of relying on those numbers to determine your success, put a lead generation and revenue goal based on your social media marketing.  In the beginning you should focus on gaining more followers, but after that you should focus on what your getting in return from having these followers.

3. Not looking at the right data

Social media is a marketing channel, not a numbers game. Sure the more followers/likes you have the more you can connect with customers, but numbers aren’t everything. Focus on metrics like visitor-to-lead conversion rate as well as visitor-to-customer rates.

4. A terrible Website

You can have the most compelling social media content, but if the traffic leads back to a bad website, you will still lose people.  Look over the conversion paths of your website and where you are losing people and the chance you have at them becoming a lead. Maybe this means its time to re-do your website.