How Social Media Can Improve Your SEO You know how people say a pot of water being watched takes forever to boil? The affect your social media strategy has on your SEO strategy is the same way. Even if you do not receive instant gratification from your Facebook posts, tweets, or pins that does not mean that nothing is brewing under the surface. If these two strategies have never met before it is already past due, because they should go hand in hand for several reasons.


After you post content that you want to release, sharing it across your social platforms is the best thing you can do. First, you have to get your content out to viewers somehow and you can update or post it whenever. Secondly, it increases your ranking keywords based on social interaction. Similar to social sites, where more interactions on a post will place it higher on the newsfeed, more engaged posts will place your content higher on search engines.


Just like sharing content increases your rank, having a presence on several social platforms increase your rank as well. Higher levels of social interaction shows search engines that you are authentic and your viewers find your content valuable. Google is changing their algorithm so that several pages from the same domain will not all appear in clusters on the first page, but having a strong social presence will help you rank higher overall.

Knowledge GraphKnowledge Graph

Have you searched for something in Google lately and seen a display of pictures across the top under the search bar? If not, type in “things to do in Cleveland” and you can experience the power of the Knowledge Graph. This is a new feature in Google search. These images are pulled off of Google+ pages and they are ranked based on quality score. Having a strong brand presence on Google+ is becoming a must now. If you want your company to be seen more than your competitors, this is something you can utilize now to get ahead.

Social media and SEO are now becoming a collaborative team to boost your brand presence and engagement. One can exist without the other, and they can both function well separately; but when they work together is when your company will benefit the most.


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