The 3 C’s of Social Media Marketing | COSO MediaIt’s easy to see why some companies may be hesitant to join social media sites. There is a lot to take in with networks, blogs, podcasts, pictures, videos and the list continues. For those who aren’t tech savvy, it makes it even harder to understand everything that is going on.



Social media helps reach out to influential and interesting people that may be beneficial to your company. In reality a vast majority of company phone calls go straight to voicemail, so using social networks is a way to be more successful with the initial contact.



A very important thing to keep in mind with social media is it replaces the need for a brochure-type website and enables you to communicate back and forth with your clients. This helps you to find out what they really want instead of guessing. You are also able to reach hundreds and hundreds of people with one message in an instant and receive feedback off of that.



With regular marketing activities you wouldn’t expect to see results after only doing something once or twice, the same goes for social media. A main role in social media is that you need to commit to doing it consistently and correctly in order for it to work for your business. When using Facebook or Twitter, you have to post on a regular basis to see and return. If you have a blog, then you ought to post something at least once a week, every week. No matter who you are trying to reach; young or old, there is a way to communicate with them using social media marketing.

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