To Pin or Not to Pin | Pinterest Advice | COSO MediaReally, that isn’t the question. It should be more so what to pin and what not to pin. With a little less than half of all U.S. online consumers making a purchase based on recommendations on Pinterest, its hard to avoid. Your company needs to be represented on Pinterest and represented well. Now with the new Pinterest Business Account, you are running out of excuses not to join!

Even if you aren’t sure what to pin, you should at least make the first step and make a business profile page. What to pin shouldn’t be that much of a challenge, pin things that are relevant to your company and what your followers will find interesting. Not every pin needs to come from you, it is okay to re-pin things as well.

A really good company to use as an example is Lowe’s. They have 49 boards, over 1,500 pins, and over 2.5 million followers! Their followers never run out of things to look at on their Pinterest page, because they did pinning the right way. Not everything they pinned comes from them directly, but they re-pin things that they know their followers will find helpful. Not only have they encompassed all of the services they offer, but they have a good idea of other things their followers are interested in like cooking and decorating.

Pinterest Psge


So stop making up excuses as to why you are not pinning and start taking notes of companies that pin well! Make it a New Year’s resolution for your company to create a successful Pinterest page. You have nothing to lose and leads to gain!

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