5 Internet Marketing Habits to Fall Into | COSO Media

Football isn’t the only thing getting a kick start this fall, your company can be getting one too! It is never a bad time to start picking up good Internet marketing habits that will only move you forward. Here are five important habits to fall into, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to think of more after reading this list.

1. Have a Customized Strategy Based Around Your Business

Break out of the mold! Actually, you shouldn’t ever be in a mold because every company and every industry is unique. Your strategy should be based around your target market and what your company does. You can have the most liked company in the world, but if those people have no interest in buying from you then they serve no purpose.

2. Have a Content Creation Plan

Not having a plan for your content is like driving in thick fog. Sure you eventually get to your destination, but it wasn’t exactly the easiest way to get there. Lay out a content creation plan of things you want to publish in the next few months so you know where you are heading. Your online marketing will run a lot smoother if you are working on something due a week from now rather than cramming to get something done at the last minute.

3. Pay Attention to Your Social Media Networks

What happened to that company’s Facebook page that was never updated? I don’t know, and neither does anyone else! Keep your social networks updated to let your followers know you still exist, as well as to attract new ones. Be careful not to over post, you don’t want followers to feel like you are overwhelming them with information, so make sure your content also holds value.

4. Make Pay Per Click Work for You

If you are spending money on something like pay per click advertising,then you should be monitoring its performance constantly. To simply want more traffic to your website is good, but it’s not going to increase your ROI. Not saying that a lot of traffic is bad, however, relevant traffic that converts into sales should be your ultimate goal of a pay per click campaign.

5. Don’t Forget About Your Website 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and even though your website may have been, it doesn’t mean that you are done working on it. In order to stay up on your search engine optimization– you need to be updating your website constantly. Creating new content for your web page is also a good habit to start because that will give people reasons to return to your page.